learning agility

cultivating learning

skilla is a leading provider of multimedia solutions for innovative and engaging learning

With over 20 years’ track record in eLearning solutions, 600+ clients and courses present in more than 50 countries worldwide, skilla helps organisations and individuals adapt and thrive amid change and complexity.

We do this by developing learning agility and interpersonal skills, helping to create lifelong learners and adaptive learning organisations. We help organisations embed a learning culture, digitally transform, and harness change.

future-proof skills

skilla’s multimedia learning solutions are flexible, concise and visually engaging, underpinned by high-quality research

We focus on “future-proof” skills globally recognised (OECD, WEF etc.) as essential for 21st century workforces. Transversal competencies, such as digital skills & mindset, learning to learn, collaborative problem-solving.

skilla’s distinctive heutagogical method is designed for self-directed learning, and facilitates reflective and double-loop learning. Multimedia content stimulates multiple intelligences in learners and enables them to interact via different learning styles.

skilla’s Method is the fruit of 8 PhD research programmes.