The Antidote to Routine Learning

Absorbed daily in easy to swallow microlearning capsules. Developing soft skills is painless with skilla training pills.

Why skilla?

Working with over 300 businesses and 500,000 delighted customers, award-winning skilla is pioneering a new way of learning.

Our tried and tested educational packages, underpinned by extensive scientific and pedagogic research, enrich the online environment, empower staff and stimulate self-learning.

Who is skilla?

We work with over 300 businesses across Europe


Multimedia Training Pills are highly interactive bite-sized courses designed to be used in a variety of ways; e-learning, classroom and blended, and can be accessed on multiple devices.

This scientifically backed method stimulates different learning styles, challenges traditional training approaches, empowers learners and enables positive organisational advances.

The library has over 250 courses available in English, German and Italian, and covers a whole range of business and managerial skills as well as communication and personal effectiveness.

The Pills can ‘stand-alone’ or be combined and we will help you customise the perfect package guaranteed to engage, entertain and deliver results, fast.


The Tracks

Over 250 different Pills

are on offer in a wide range of subjects and they can be used in multiple ways to build the learning path you want.

Mix and match

the Pills to achieve your objectives, or use them alongside additional online content. Flexibility is the key.


Pills are provided with an unlimited user license and installed in SCORM format, subject to the host platform compatibility testing. Installation is simple, quick and immediate.


Use our easy access cloud platform to deliver the skillaLibrary to workers or integrate skillaLibrary into your existing intranet.

  • Value for money

    The skillaLibrary is a complete package. There are no additional fees to unlock new content, making it easy and transparent to use.

  • Transparent Licensing

    The skillaLibrary is a powerful tool to support the HR function, creating highly effective training content for all your staff.

  • Mobile-friendly and browser compatible

    You won’t have to worry about outdated browsers or systems. It even works with IE6!

  • Italian by Design

    Stylish microlearning from Italy’s top eLearning company.

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