About Us

Federico Amicucci

Managing Partner

As Manager Partner, Federico Amicucci leads the internationalisation work across skilla, and is responsible for digital competencies solutions. Federico has the advantage of being a millennial who therefore fully grasps the preferences and opportunities of the now generation, at the same time as having already developed a historic perspective in the field of distance learning, and seen the market and methodologies evolve, thanks to involvement in his father’s activities in the area from a very young age, when learning was disseminated via VHS and floppy discs!

A strong entrepreneurial drive, as much due his personal predisposition as to his genes, propelled Federico to train over 1500 people in computer use and the internet via the Internet Saloon, to establish the Netwill project, focused on Reverse Mentoring for organisations, and then lead digital marketing as a founding partner in apropositodime.com. In skilla, he has managed and delivered over 100 eLearning projects for a wide range of national and multinational organisations, and created the pioneering app The Digital Journey, the first lifelong learning and microlearning solution in digital competencies, setting the course for many of skilla’s innovations.

For Federico, Digital Learning is therefore not only a passion and a family affair, but also a liberator. Working on the development of your skills and knowledge is an effective way of widening the possibilities open to you, so for Federico, working in skilla means being able to help liberate people and organisations to expand their choices. It is also a way of extending the impact of learning on a global basis, and this, it should be said, is part of a proud Italian tradition in the field of educational development. Federico reminds us that while some knowledge becomes obsolete, no-one can rob us of the competencies we cultivate which we carry with us throughout life.

Simon Whittemore

Business Development Director, UK & International

Simon leads skilla’s Business Development strategy and operations from a UK & international perspective.

A circuitous journey through careers in IT, Management Consultancy (Capgemini, transnational roles, France), Higher Education (HEFCE, policy and strategy in knowledge exchange; MA Higher and Professional Education, UCL), teaching and training, and digital solutions in HE/FE innovation & change programmes (Jisc) led Simon to skilla in Italy, where he found a shared vision for learning, put into practice in a fresh and innovative methodological approach. 

A cross-cultural bridge-builder and collaborative problem-solver, Simon has always been driven by the belief that learning – more than anything else – can change the world for the better. Holding firm on such ideals can seem foolish in volatile times. But a person or organisation that takes ownership for, and pleasure in their continuous learning, yet maintains that spark of wonder at discovering new connections and realisations, has one of the key ingredients for a deeply fulfilling life. An ingredient essential for enabling sustainable fulfilment, that is also mutual, rather than that just individual.

Simon’s interests are many and various but at the centre there is usually the triumvirate of wine, rugby and poetry, though not necessarily all at the same time!

Max Greenall

UK Account Director

Max heads the UK sales team working with both local and multinational clients.

Max has a strong entrepreneurial streak and a talent for reinvention. Building on careers in publishing sales (working on titles such as Punch, Esquire and The Daily Mail) and account management (international FMCG accounts) he took a bold leap and channelled his creative energy into a new career as a furniture and product designer. He has worked with leading design houses and international clients in Europe (particularly in Italy), N. America and the Middle East, as well as developing his own brand and product lines. He has exhibited around the world (including the Salon di Mobile in Milan where skilla colleague Simon helped with sales and localisation). 

Max’s experience in sales, marketing and design developed into a parallel career as a consultant working for clients as diverse as the NYSE and Italian artisan food producers. The Italian odyssey [or connection] continues with skilla whose commitment, passion and creativity is a perfect match.

Having worked remotely for over 20 years and acquired new skills across many disciplines, Max has embraced the art of agile, self-motivated and continuous learning. Being positive, passionate and open to new ideas brings exciting opportunities.

Hatice Çelik

Client Manager, UK & International

Hatice Çelik is a Client Manager for skilla UK & international. She combines her rich experience in teaching and training with well-developed cross-cultural expertise. She graduated from the History department of Istanbul University, also with a minor in the field of History of Art and is a PhD candidate at Istanbul University for Ottoman Studies,

Hati has given private lessons in various fields, especially in traditional Turkish arts, such as marbling and miniatures. She worked as a volunteer teacher on various islands of Indonesia, including Borneo, Bali and Java. Since 2010, she has been learning and teaching yoga, has a 200-hour training certificate and teaches yoga classes. She has worked as an editor and translator at an international publishing house and has taken part in various Ottoman manuscript transliteration projects. 

In October 2019, Hati met the skilla family through the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs project, one of the Erasmus Plus programmes. After successfully completing the programme, she found synergy with the skilla approach and started working in skilla, initially in the Italian HQ. She has played a major role in localising skilla courses for the Turkish market, and now as Client Manager, she looks after new UK & International prospects, including emerging regional opportunities.