Co-Design Your Learning

We work closely with L&D, HR teams and partners to ensure that learners get the most from our courses. We provide formative consultations based on your needs, supported by demos and trial access to courses. We have a range of pre-designed Learning Paths and offer our expertise and resources to help you co-design your own. Our 7-step co-design programme helps you implement your learning strategy and meet the needs of your learners:

Our 7-step co-design programme to help you meet the needs of your learners :

  1. Clearly identify learning objectives
  2. Understand the optimal mix – what the learning path comprises (ie. teaching methodology, webinars, skilla microlearning courses)
  3. Choose the courses that best fit your needs.
  4. Set explicit goals for learners, so that specific skills can be gained
  5. Use infographics to help learners visualise their training path goals
  6. Receive helpful visual resources as part of our communication campaign
  7. Learning course roll-out planning sessions to review and agree recommendations and plan next steps.

Engagement and Communication Strategy

We serve a global clientele, so establishing an individual communication process specific to each client is vital. We send tailored course materials to leading trainers every two weeks using our online magazine called Smart Academy. Topics range from effective teaching methodologies, training trends, skilla themes (blended learning, microlearning, reverse mentoring) supported by engaging infographics. These support materials not only help trainers become well-versed in the skillaLibrary but also encourage learners to engage with the skilla training courses.  

Working together to make learning beautiful

Start working with us and our learning community to rediscover your love of learning. We want to make sure you succeed. During our first days together we’ll mix our best people with yours to make sure you get the very best out of our extensive library of business & soft skills training resources, and as you get to know us better, you’ll discover that we’re always there to help and inspire.

Technical Support

Our Multimedia Training courses can be used on any Learning Management System (LMS). We run rigorous tests before you buy our course packages to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Every client is offered a technical support individual who is on hand to help with any technical problems.