Learning Technologies 2019

Learning Technologies 2019 (LT19) falls on Valentine’s day this year. We think learning is beautiful and believe us, it will be, on the 14th of February! Just pop over to Stand M50 at the Excel Centre during Learning Technologies 2019 and relax in our chill out zone, where we’ll match you up with our eLearning specialists.

skilla’s Multimedia Training Pills

At Stand M50 we will be showcasing demos of our Multimedia Training Pills. You can select from a wide range of business-critical and soft skills areas. Your chosen skills will be developed and enhanced by your learners, using any learning style they choose.

From digital skills to professional writing, you can be sure to find the soft skills area that will transform your organisation’s learning. Our bite-sized eLearning means even the busiest team members can benefit from our Training Pills.

Staff in modern organisations are no longer passive passengers waiting to be instructed. skilla Training Pills are designed to address and harness the individual’s learning capacity, and through tailored Learning Paths and themed course packages, they can help future proof your people’s skills.

Learning Technologies 2019
Come and visit us at stand M50

Seminars at the LT19

During LT19, as well as visiting Stand M50 you should also join our seminar in Theatre 8 at 2pm on 13 February. We will introduce you to our distinctive learning method and we want to hear from you which competencies you think are most important for the future workforce….. we look forward to seeing you there!

Award-winning eLearning, Italian style.
Don’t take our word for it, demo one of our training pills online here https://www.skilla.co.uk/learning-your-style/

Latest Course

We’ve recently commissioned our “Transversal Competencies” course which brings the latest thinking on how to future proof your workforce.