The skilla Multimedia Training Course

A treasury of interactive, inspiring learning objects

Uniquely designed to engage different learning styles and stimulate self-learning

skilla Multimedia Training Courses have been designed to accommodate the numerous and differing learning styles we know learners have. Clients particularly value skilla for our distinctive pedagogical method that enables each person to learn in the style that best suits them, stimulates self-learning and facilitates the role of L&D.

In a nutshell

  • skilla's unique training method is grounded in widely-respected pedagogic theory, such as Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, Kolb's Experiential Learning theory, plus expert input from renowned universities, and from leaders in their field.
  • Flexible training approaches allow learners to engage with subject matter in a style and medium that works best for them.
  • Diverse multimedia options embed new perspectives and skills via self-assessments, games, cartoons and learning scenarios.
  • Learning is reinforced and contextualised because key course concepts are interwoven across multiple learning media.

  • Quick

    Just a few minutes for effective learning
  • Precise

    Clear, organised, concise concepts
  • Easy

    Pared down to a few essential elements
  • Stimulating

    A range of media and learning objects to stimulate multiple intelligences
  • Interactive

    Self-assessment, quizzes, games and a rich array of visually engaging components