Why a partnership with skilla is different

We’ve been building our business on mutually beneficial partnerships since we started in 2001 and, so far, no two have ever felt the same. Companies like Manpower, GiGroup and Docebo partner with us because we believe everyone is different, and we know that it takes an open innovation approach and strategic clarity to build effective partnerships. Our commitment to developing an open and transparent relationship, unique to every partner, ensures that we deliver high-quality and flexible content to both Enterprise Scale Partners and Boutique Relationship Partners.

How we do it

Enterprise Scale Partners

Companies such as Docebo and Cornerstone need to be able to offer to global clients a rich range of high quality, off-the-shelf multimedia training courses that can be easily integrated into any LMS. skilla not only provides distinctive interactive content, on a wide range of transversal competencies, that caters to a global audience with diverse learning styles, but also offers training courses that are essential for organisations looking to future proof the skills of their workforce in a time of rapid change.

Boutique Relationship Partners

Every partnership skilla has is unique and different. For example, Elearning Minds work by providing customised learning paths based on the specific needs of their clients. skilla works closely with such partners, sometimes on a sector-specific basis, co-designing solutions to meet clients’ needs and adapting course materials to better complement partners resources. 

Current Partnerships


“We’ve been in business since 2005. Our brand is recognised for its high-end course material delivered by our trusted partners. So when choosing partners, we look for reputable learning companies who challenge traditional training methods and empower learners using engaging and interactive content. skilla not only does all of this but also delivers bite-sized courses using a variety of unique learning methods, underpinned by extensive scientific and pedagogic research.”


“The learning industry is moving into the next stage of development. So we’re interested in content that delivers a unique experience for learners globally. skilla provides over 250 multimedia training courses in English, German and Italian. These high-quality educational packages not only cover business and managerial skills but also tackle communication and personal effectiveness topics .”

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