The learning path to face for the challenges of the future

We do not know precisely what will happen in the future, history is full of events that no one had predicted and predictions that never came to pass. However, there is a constant that all reports, international trends and leaders point to: change will be a constant.

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The Digital Mindset:
A Revolution in Thinking?

For several years now, the meaning and implications of the digital mindset are have been the source of interesting ideas and discussions. The aim of this piece is to suggest a different and innovative meaning, starting with the separate analysis of the two terms: Mindset and Digital.

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The soft skillset for the 21st century has landed

Academics call them “transversal competencies”, L&D professionals prefer the term “21st Century skills”.
Whatever label you give them, the soft skills that underpin our next successful business ventures will be dramatically different from the skills we’re most familiar with today.

Inspired by latest insights from learning leaders at The World Economic Forum, UNESCO and the OECD, our synoptic White Paper uncovers the seven transversal competencies considered critical by transnational organisations and early adopters in the 21st Century workplace.

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