Learning Agility Health Check

Take part in our survey below, and in Feb/March 2021 we’ll send you a free Skilla Learning Agility course! 

While the Covid-19 pandemic has catalysed many major changes within and across organisations, it’s easy to become reactive and lose sight of organisational learning objectives, capabilities and practices.

At Skilla, we’d like to understand how organisations are continuing to support L&D in embedding learning agility. That’s why we’ve created our Learning Agility Health Check survey; to capture and share current and evolving perspectives within the L&D community, as part of our work to help develop organisational capability in learning agility.

We’ll send you a SCORM package for you to upload your LMS, as a thank you for your help in our continued work in this field, so that all staff can benefit from our multimedia Learning Agility course .

We look forward to your input!

Organisational Learning Agility; recognising, developing and assessing it

There are many ways of defining organisational Learning Agility but we offer the following:

the capability to learn from experience at an organisational level and embed a learning culture in order to adapt to changing contexts with agility, cohesion and the optimum balance of speed & preparedness.

How are organisations managing to ensure continuity and progress in their long term objectives as learning organisations and in the development of their organisational Learning Agility, given the disruptive impact of Covid?