Hello. We're skilla.

Since forming in 2001, we’ve been helping Learning and Development departments at companies like Caterpillar, Santander and AstraZeneca train staff in the business critical soft skills that change behaviour and improve performance.

Globally, we work with over 300 businesses every day, but our success comes from knowing every business is different.

Our tried and tested eLearning methods are underpinned by extensive scientific and pedagogic research to empower staff and stimulate self-learning;

Infographic: CAMPUS Self Learning method

  • Value for money

    The skillaLibrary is a complete package. There are no additional fees to unlock new content, making it easy and transparent to use.

  • Mobile-friendly and browser compatible

    You won’t have to worry about outdated browsers or systems. It even works with IE6!

  • Italian by Design

    Stylish microlearning from Italy’s top eLearning company.