skilla: the antidote to routine learning

Winner of Le Fonti Awards, skilla is an innovative, accredited eLearning company with a portfolio of multinational clients and a fast-growing presence globally.

We provide concise, innovative microlearning content solutions in interpersonal and business-critical skills, accessible anytime, from any device.

For over 20 years our learning resources have been helping Learning & Development at companies like Ernst and Young, Santander and Fiat Chrysler to empower staff to become autonomous & lifelong learners, and to create adaptive learning organisations.

Global Leaders

We are specialists in the globally recognised (OECD, World Economic Forum etc.) essential transversal competencies needed by workforces to survive and thrive amid change, complexity, ambiguity & globalisation: interpersonal, personal and digital skills.

What else sets us apart? Our highly innovative, tried and tested andragogic method has been designed to stimulate multiple intelligences (ref. Howard Gardner), enable all of Kolb’s four “doors to learning” and engage each domain of learning.
By facilitating this learning agility in staff, skilla makes L&D’s mission easier.

Bite-size learning

Short and incisive microlearning content woven into a stimulating learning journey; can be absorbed in small doses - requires just 15 minutes a day!

Learning, your style

Innovative multimedia andragogic method that enables heutagogy: learning in a style and sequence that suits the individual, stimulating multiple intelligences and reinforcing key messages each time.

Italian design

Aesthetically engaging and designed to create a beautiful learning experience, with the key concepts enriched by art and visual thinking.

Continuous interactive learning

Self-assessments, techniques to put the learning into practice, intriguing games: a continuous interactive learning experience, whether for individual, blended, team or one-to-one meeting learning.

Pedagogically sound and research-based

The fruit of 8 PhD programmes and continuously improved with advice from a Scientific Committee of renowned learning, HR and university experts.

Continuous interactive learning

Content designed to be accessible any time, from anywhere, on a standard mobile phone, or any device from tablet to laptop to desktop